Healthy Living Medicine: Natural Healing Medicine

Healthy Living Medicine: Natural Healing Medicine

Healthy Medicine is a resource for physicians, patients, and families alike. I have been writing about healthy living medicine for over twenty years. I believe in the healing power of nature and natural healing medicine.

It was in September of 1996 that I began writing Healthy Living Medicine. That’s when I came up with the term “healthy living medicine.”

Medical Information And Counsel

In 1997, I published the first edition of Healthy Living Medicine. As an author, I can’t tell you how many books I’ve sold, and how many hundreds of thousands of readers have become through my work. And I get letters all the time from readers who are seeking medical information and counsel.

Natural Medicine: Natural Healing Medicine

There are some “body-oriented” medicines, such as chiropractic and naturopathy, which aren’t usually recognized as medicine, although they may still be considered alternative medicine. The combination of natural medicines and natural medicine treatments is “natural medicine.” A good example is acupuncture.

Healthy Living Medicine: Natural Healing Medicine
Healthy Living Medicine: Natural Healing Medicine

Allopathic, Homeopathic, And Naturopathic Medicine

The traditional healing “and” is commonly used in the title of Healthy Living Medicine. This is because it’s a combination of allopathic, homeopathic, and naturopathic medicine. I prefer to call it “natural medicine.” The term “natural medicine” is short for “medicine that is primarily or wholly concerned with the cause and prevention of disease.”

Treating Anorexics And Heart Attack

Natural medicine was developed as a result of the frustration of many physicians who were treating anorexics and heart attack victims. Their problem was that those who they were treating didn’t seem to be responding to their treatments. They couldn’t figure out why, so they began to look for an answer in the “nature” of their patients.

This is where natural medicines come in. There is a reason for what we have in our bodies, why we get sick, and why some recover while others don’t. Moreover, nature makes medicine, just as medicine makes us healthy. We have to understand nature.

Less Expensive And More Efficient

With natural medicines, a diagnosis is one thing; medication is another. Natural medicines for most illnesses are less expensive and more efficient than the drugs we are using today.

Caused By Poor Diet: Natural Healing Medicine

Many of the common illnesses that we see today are the result of eating poorly, and in many cases, not eating at all. Moreover, the disease is caused by many other things, such as poor hygiene, eating a diet low in vitamins and minerals, drinking alcohol, and numerous other reasons. Also, for many people, illness, illness can be cured by natural medicine.

Best Vitamins And Minerals: Natural Healing Medicine

Healthy Living Medicine will provide you with all the facts on the roots of health and help heal yourself and your family with natural medicine. Also, you will learn the most powerful natural remedies and the best vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Also, this book is not an advertisement, but instead is the guidance for you to take your life to the next level.

Healthy Living Medicine: Natural Healing Medicine
Healthy Living Medicine: Natural Healing Medicine

Information About Holiostic Healing

I write about natural healing, organic healing, holistic healing, organic gardening, Holistic Diet, Healthy Living Medications, Healthy Living Lifestyle, Massage, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and many other things. Each chapter provides information about holistic healing, you can learn to help you heal yourself and your family.


There are many resources for natural medicines. Moreover, there are lots of great books out there on different aspects of natural healing. Healthy Living Medicine provides all the information you need to heal yourself. It heals your family, including cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and much more.

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